Issue 14 | August 2019

Allcargo’s Integrated Logistics Services Power a Sustainable Future

The current climatic and energy scenario warrants humankind to leverage renewable sources of energy on a global scale.


Allcargo's Response to Chennai Water Crisis

On 19th June, 2019, Chennai, the sixth-largest city in India battled the worst water crisis in 30 years.


Logistics Bolsters as the Sun Shines on the Kenyan Economy

Logistics is playing a pivotal role in bolstering the Kenyan economy.


Avvashya CCI’s Warehousing Capabilities Shine Bright

In 2016, the Avvashya Group made a full-fledged entry into the contract logistics business through Avvashya CCI.


Why FDI is Important for Smaller Countries

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) may be a boon for not only small countries, but also for the corporates investing in such countries.


Taking the Heat off Data Centres in the Future

Data centres will become indispensable in the future. The plan of action should be to start right now to make them energy-efficient and also use their heat to offset electricity bills.


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