Issue 16 | October 2019

Vietnam: A strategic supplier to the world

The vision of logistics leader ECU Worldwide is paying dividends, as Vietnam emerges among the world’s top manufacturing destinations.


IMO 2020: The mandatory yet essential green revolution for global shipping

56,000 ships globally need to make a costly switch to cleaner fuels for a more sustainable future.


Building India’s largest CFS network, one location at a time

Here’s how Allcargo is helping customers manage their port logistics across the country with world-class facilities and cutting-edge services.


Speed, with safety is Allcargo’s driving business philosophy

Here’s how we safely yet swiftly manage over half a million TEUs of container traffic across our nationwide network.


Chatbots: Employees of the future

The advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has transformed the way businesses function and operate. Chatbots, a result of advancements in AI, are now revolutionising the way logistics and supply chains function, driving the industry towards a new futuristic era.


Data and identity management: Making logistics tamper-proof

Supply chain management involves goods changing a lot of hands and moving across different regions. Data and identity management presents a way in which the industry can cut down losses by making the supply chains safer than ever before.


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